Prof. Bettina Schmidt

Professor in Study of Religions

My academic background is in Cultural Anthropology with a research focus on contemporary religions.

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Dr Catrin H. Williams

Reader in New Testament Studies Joint Head of School

I currently teach New Testament and Judaism to undergraduates on various programmes (BA Religious Studies, BA Study of Religions, BA Theology).

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Dr David Morgans

Philosophy Lecturer

I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the UWTSD,  I am also the Director of Postgraduate Research and School of Cultural Studies.

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Prof. Gary Bunt

Professor in Islamic Studies

I have been conducting research on Islam, Muslims and the internet since 1997. This has focused on contemporary Islam, Muslims and the internet.

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Dr Brenda Llewellyn Ihssen


My scholarship emerges from training in Byzantine Studies and Patristics, and from dual vocational calls as a scholar and professor of early and medieval Christian and religious history. I work exclusively with monastic and episcopal primary sources.

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Jess Keady

Dr Jessica M. Keady

Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Gender

I currently teach Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism to undergraduate students on a variety of degree programmes (including, BA Religious Studies, BA Study of Religions, the Graduate Diploma in Bible and Theology and towards the teaching of the Professional Doctorate Programme). I also teach and supervise postgraduate students on the MA in Biblical Interpretation.

Timothy Taylor

Dr Timothy Baylor

Lecturer in Christian Theology

Dr Baylor lectures in theology and religion. He specialises in Christian theology within the Early Modern and Modern eras. His recent research has focused on the theologies of divine justice and their significance for shaping Christian moral and social vision about the nature of the ‘common good’.

Dr Angus Slater

Dr Angus Slater

Lecturer in Theology & Religious Studies

My research interests largely lie in the interaction between religious faith and the way that they conceptualize the other. This works its way out in a concern for Christian theological and Islamic legal approaches to issues of dialogue, authority, power, identity, and narrative. Beyond this area, I have an interest in the positioning of religion within the construction of identity more widely.

Dr Sarah Lewis

Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies

I have a BA in Religious Studies and English, an MA in nineteenth century church history and a PhD in Religious Studies. My doctoral research was on Sun Myung Moon.

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Rhodri Thomas

Lecturer in Religious Studies

To date, my research has focused primarily on the relationship between religion and ecology. More particularly, I am in interested in the function and fate of Earth/non-human creation in Jewish and early Christian ‘apocalyptic’ texts, and the extent to which the Bible can be viewed as a useful resource for the formulation of a positive environmental ethic.

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Dr. Yanxia Zhao

Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies

As a professor of Chinese Studies and Comparative Religions, the role of Dr Yanxia Zhao is to provide teachings and researches related to Chinese philosophy and religions; to develop educational programmes for comparison of Confucianism, Daoism, Chinese Buddhism and other world religions; and to organize activities and events for promoting interfaith harmony and religious education.

As the Director of Daoist Studies, the main interest of Yanxia Zhao is the Dao of Chinese Yangsheng (Chinese Way of Nourishing Life), responsible for organizing Daoist Self Health Care and Wellbeing workshops and seminars; as well as developing educational programmes for Chinese tradition of Health Self Care for happy longevity life.

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