Sacred Book

Sacred Texts and their Reception

From the Bible to the Koran, from China to Wales, and from the libraries of Ancient Egypt to the use of cyberspace in the present day, our research investigates how sacred texts (and images) and the messages they convey were transmitted to, and received by, their textual communities.

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Spirituality Group

Spirituality, Health and Wellbeing

Spirituality is crucial to our understanding of the modern world. Our research demonstrates that spiritual movements are not a marginal form of resistance against secular modernity.

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Hands with map

Entangled Worlds, Interconnections and Connectivity

Our research focuses on the entanglements resulting from the flow of people, ideas, objects and materials over space and time, interrogating the interactive processes through which people actively and creatively shape new social situations.

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Temple Drawing

Religious Experience Research Centre

The Religious Experience Research Centre was founded by Sir Alister Hardy in 1969 at Manchester College, Oxford. The Centre’s aim is to study contemporary accounts of religious or spiritual experiences.

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Text and Contexts

Texts and Contexts

Our research spans a number of different interests, from textual exegesis to critical theory, and crosses time, from ancient Egypt and early Greek narrative to modern performance, passing though the literatures of the Roman Empire, the Chinese world, the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern period.

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Roderic Bowen Image

Roderic Bowen Research Centre

One of our exciting and internationally important research resources is the Roderic Bowen Research Centre, which throws unique light onto the history of western societies and their relationship with non-European cultures.

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